City centre advertising in Dundee.

Dundee is Scotland’s fourth largest city, and has transformed itself in recent years into a lively, cosmopolitan centre, making it a great place to advertise. Once heavily industrialised, Dundee has developed exciting commercial, cultural, artistic, and scientific dimensions. We have poster sites located in key areas throughout the city to give your advertising campaign maximum impact. There’s also a feast of major events going on throughout the year that you can capitalise on, including; the annual summer festival of street entertainment, Guitar and Mountain Film Festival, and the Food & Flower Festival.

Reach your target audience.

Birmingham is home to more than one million people from a range of different cultures and ethnic groups, including the UK’s largest student population outside London – the ideal location if you’re looking to target, a young, diverse audience.

Key locations.

Our poster sites have been carefully positioned, within close proximity to these popular areas, maximising the potential for your campaign to be seen.